Our staff is trained and committed to excellence and professionalism. After inspections, we provide a customized written report to identify pest problems or termites in and around your home. The report outlines plans that will eliminate any problems found. In other words, it is the primary building block in fostering a partnership between you, our customer, and the Creative Pest Management Team with the common goals of protecting your home or business against pests and providing a safe environment for your family, customers, and employees.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Customized Pest Treatment

Roaches, spiders, ants, crickets, slugs, moths, rats and mice - Georgia's climate makes it home to multitudes of these pests. We are experts at controlling them all and keeping them out of your home and its surrounding areas. Our perimeter treatment gets rid of troublesome pests fast. And you won't see a trace of them for a long time after the treatment. That's because we use highly effective pest control products designed to eliminate many different pests in just minutes. And there's never a bothersome odor for you, your family, or your pets.

Call us if you being bugged by any of these creatures before they take over your home or business!

Termite (Liquid and Baiting)

We offer subterranean and non-repellent treatments.

Termidor termite treatment is an industry-leading product that is one of the safest and most effective solutions to any infestation problem. We have trained and certified technicians to use this product and guarantees its effectiveness. Termidor is a termiticide that has revolutionized the industry. It is a non-repellent, so a termite can't smell, see, or feel it, as it forages freely in a treated zone. With a single application, Termidor delivers 100% control, and delivers results in 3 months or less. Click on the Termidor logo below to download a brochure.

Premise was first released for use in the public arena in the USA more than 7 years ago – it is the original non-repellant termiticide. Premise has since built a solid reputation as a reliable long term termite control product with virtually no serious problems encountered in the market place.
Premise termite control termiticide from Bayer Environmental Science provides immediate protection from termites like no other product. Firstly, termites are eliminated as they ingest or contact Premise in a treated soil area around the perimeter of a building or other timber structure. In addition, termites can transfer Premise to other termites through social interaction and cannibalism, affecting the entire termite colony. Bayer calls the Premise transfer attribute it’s Domino Effect, which means Premise not only kills termites, but also substantially reduces or eliminates termite colonies. Together these attributes have proven to be highly effective termite eliminator. Click on the Premise logo below to download a brochure.

W.D.O. Reports

A Wood Destroying Organism (W.D.O.) Report is a written report of an inspection of a structure for evidence of infestation or previous infestation by wood destroying organisms. Usually this means termites, but it can also cover other organisms. W.D.O. reports are usually required during real estate transactions where the mortgage lender or buyer requires the inspection.

Annual Resinspections

Now That Your Home or Business Has Been Treated Because of the quality product you selected for treatment, the termites living in and around your home will quickly die or be repelled. But you should also be aware of a condition called Post-Treatment Swarm which sometimes can occur after an effective treatment. This is simply the termites' reaction to the newly applied barrier around your home.
Most companies offer a yearly or periodic inspection of your home, which will ensure that future problems that might arise do not go unchecked.
The job is not finished until you're satisfied. Your home is probably your single, largest investment and it should receive-as you and your family should-professional service from start to finish.